• Author: Stefan Zeiger <szeiger at szeiger dot de> dot
  • Version: 0.6
  • Download: Watercolor.tar.gz

Description Edit

This theme brings Microsoft Windows XP's "Watercolor" look (as seen in screenshots of build 2410) to Sawfish.

It implements the following features and configuration options:

  • Different images for maximize and restore buttons.
  • Optional window icon in upper left corner of non-transient windows.
  • The close, iconify and maximize/restore buttons are removable.
  • The iconify and maximize/restore buttons of transient windows
 can be hidden with configuration options.
  • Text colors can be customized.
  • Optional resize triangle in the lower right corner of a window's
 client area.
  • Customizable Y offset for title bar text.

Screenshots Edit


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