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Uploaded file obtained from GSR 02:06, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

Synopsis Edit

Allows handling of title-offset property, useful for themes that support that feature.

Description Edit

Quote from the source: The following code provides a mechanism for adjusting the position of tab-styled title bars. This is accomplished by adding a `title-offset' property to the window's property list. A theme can then check for this symbol when drawing its frame, and adjust its display accordingly.

Installation Edit

Save as title-offset.jl and put it in ~/.sawfish/lisp/ or any other directory sawfish looks at for jl files (load-path). Activate a theme that uses the feature.

Configuration Edit

Add to your ~/.sawfish/rc file: (require 'title-offset)

Quote from source again: Then bind change-title-offset-interactively to a title-bar mouse action. (I'm currently using Button2-Move.) You should then be able to interactively adjust the position of your title bars!

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