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  • Author: Succuba <succuba at elmki dot sulinet dot hu> dot
  • Download: SuccuNX.tar.gz

Description Edit

This theme (SuccuNX) was derived from the theme called Copper.

SuccuNX theme was created by Succuba (succuba at It was four days hard work (and many system crashes ;-) for me to learn how to create a Sawfish theme. (Hmmmm... this is really a _sawmill_... my fingers... wooh...). I play the game with a Hungarian Linux distribution called UHU-Linux (UHU is an owl), with Gnome 2.0 and Sawfish 2.0 (?) I include the Gimp-template (SuccuNX-template-final1.xcf, which i use to create the graphic elements, for you, who want to work with it. The gtkrc I use is also included.

Love it, or leave it! (This "master"piece is absolutely freeware (and no warranty, of course).)

Screenshots Edit


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