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Author Edit

Michal Jaegermann

Synopsis Edit

I tried to rebuild 1.3.1 on "CentOS release 4.5" installation and run into a minor problem that although a code in src/frames.c checks if 'ShapeInput' is available this is not the case in src/events.c. The following patch solves the issue:

Patch Edit

Index: src/events.c
--- src/events.c        (revision 4200)
+++ src/events.c        (revision 4201)
@@ -1155,7 +1155,11 @@
     XShapeEvent *sev = (XShapeEvent *)ev;
     Lisp_Window *w = find_window_by_id (sev->window);
     if (w != 0 && sev->window == w->id
-       && (sev->kind == ShapeBounding || sev->kind == ShapeInput))
+       && (sev->kind == ShapeBounding 
+#ifdef ShapeInput
+           || sev->kind == ShapeInput
+           ))
        if (sev->kind == ShapeBounding)
            w->shaped = sev->shaped ? 1 : 0;

Community's reasons for inclusion or rejection Edit

  • Yes vote: yes. It looks reasonable - in every other place in the code (except this one) there are #ifdef ShapeInput before referring to it. Janek Kozicki 15:40, 29 July 2007 (UTC)
  • Yes vote: yes. better check before using something that is optional. GSR 18:09, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

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