• Author: H dot F dot Hlodversson <keli at shebang dot dk>
  • Download: ST-Mono.tar.gz

Description Edit

This theme is based upon how GEM looked on the Atari ST in "High Res". It is made with my Perl-Gimp port of Ian McKellar's (I couldn't get PyGimp to compile with my version of Gimp... :-)

Because of how Gimpmill handles overlays (by only allowing one overlay pr. state), I had to edit the resulting theme manually to remove the un-wanted highlights.

Note: This theme looks even better if you use Atari's 8x16 system font. STonX, the atari ST emulator for X11, contains utilities, that can rip the fonts from your ST ROM-image and convert them to pcf-fonts, you then can install in your font path.

To install, just move this directory to ~/.sawfish/themes/ or to the system-wide theme-directory. - Probably /usr/share/sawfish/themes/ or /usr/local/share/sawfish/themes/

Screenshots Edit


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