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Welcome to the collection of all patches considered for applying to Sawfish. Here you can add new patches or review submitted patches for inclusion into SVN tree. A patch is included/rejected when sufficient number of people provided a good reasoning for such decision.

How to prepare a patch

To add a new patch (licensed under GPLv2), write the name and click below

To review a submitted patch please try it and
  • Write your verdict, using one of wiki templates below:
    • {{yes}} ( Yes vote: yes. ),
    • {{no}} ( No vote: no. ),
    • {{wtf}} ( Wtf vote: pondering. ),
    • {{try}} ( Try vote: let's try in experimental. ) and
    • {{suspend}} ( Suspend wait for next release. ).
  • Write your reasoning, please be as specific as possible - explain what it corrects, try to prove that this patch does not introduce new bugs, etc. Or on the contrary - point out what's wrong with the patch.

Submitted patches Suspended patches Accepted patches Rejected patches

PatchAuthorLast edit

Smoother cursor moving

Fernando Carmona Varo

2013-10-24 11:21:35 by Teika kazura

Focus window without raise

Rüdiger Otte

2010-01-18 20:10:03 by Cyber rigger

Display worskpace when cycling

Daniel M German (Updated by Teika kazura)

2009-11-14 14:42:44 by Flashrider

Alpha backgrounds

Philip Langdale

2008-07-24 14:48:49 by Janek Kozicki

Stacking compliance

Christian Marillat

2008-01-16 23:53:10 by Janek Kozicki

Libglade2 xgettext make.pot

Yoshiaki Kasahara

2007-08-01 09:17:36 by Janek Kozicki

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