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  • Author: Ioa Aqualine Petra'ka <ioapetra at qtm dot net>
  • Download: Oley.tar.gz

Description Edit


The victory cry of the master chef. For some reason this theme just makes me think of pizza and and big proud chefs.

This theme is a far cry from the previous one I just made [AzTecha]. It is definatly not my norm. But I was bored this morning and decided to whip something up. It is extremely light, not a single pixmap is used. The little decos on the top are actually buttons. The left one is a close button and the right one is a menu button. The bottom two decos are just resize handles.

20000405 -- Aesthetic Changes

  • Added a small bevel to the title bar, with a little dropshadow underneath it. I think it looks a lot better that way.
  • Minor color adjustments, expecially the clicked-title bar it was much too heavy.

Screenshots Edit


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