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Author Edit

Yoshiaki Kasahara

Synopsis Edit

There is no libglade-xgettext in libglade-2.x. How can I fix po/make-pot ? It seems that xgettext program can directly parse Glade input files. I have no knowledge how these things work, but how about the following patch?

Patch Edit

--- po/make-pot.orig       Fri Jul 27 17:17:35 2007                
+++ po/make-pot    Fri Jul 27 17:23:48 2007
@@ -36,13 +36,12 @@
 ./sawfish-xgettext --doc-file=../DOC --c $REP_SRCS >$lisp_c
-libglade-xgettext --c $GLADE_SRCS >$glade_c
-xgettext --add-comments -a --no-location $lisp_c $glade_c
+xgettext --add-comments -a --no-location $lisp_c 
+xgettext -j $GLADE_SRCS
 mv -f messages.po sawfish.pot
-rm -f $lisp_c $glade_c
+rm -f $lisp_c

Community's reasons for inclusion or rejection Edit

No vote: no. Honestly I can't understand this patch, so I won't apply this unless some other people confirm (or explain) why this is necessary. I'll remember about it though, and if the problem resurfaces later I hope to recognize it. Any comments? Janek Kozicki 15:53, 29 July 2007 (UTC)

No vote: no. When I tried to build sawfish from svn source, make-pot tried to regenerate sawfish.pot and failed. It seems that released tar ball contains pre-generated sawfish.pot, so my patch is not needed, I guess... - Yoshiaki Kasahara

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