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About that scary X11 thingy Edit

About that scary Wayland thingy Edit

What is a Window-Manager? Edit

Why should I use Sawfish? Edit

Getting StartedEdit

Prerequisites Edit

In order to run Sawfish you need:

- a POSIX compliant operating system (Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Darwin/OS-X (...)) - X11 (obviously)


In order to compile Sawfish you need:


Installing Sawfish Edit

Sawfish sees a new version every 6 months (unless some unexpected issues occur). Most distributions do not keep their pre-built Sawfish packages up-to-date. So we encourage everyone to compile from source. It is not as horrible or difficult as many (mostly people new to Linux or *BSD) believe.

Choosing your tree Edit

Sawfish is developed in a way marketing heads from the Web 2.0 area would call "persistent beta". That means that there's no really unstable development version, but also no rock-solid stable version. That fact makes it in most cases rather unimportant whether to choose a stable or development version. Still, be aware: if you get to use the development version, be sure to follow the mailing-list in order to receive bug-reports, possible fixes and important notices (like about non-trivial changes, new features or bug-fixes).

If you want to know, how to download Sawfish, refer to the Download-Page, which will guide you to through all steps.

Compiling Edit

Before compiling Sawfish, you need to install the basic depencies (see "Prerequisites" above), aswell as librep and rep-gtk. A guide on how to do so can be found at Compilation from source for the stable version and Compilation from GIT for the development version.

Running Sawfish Edit

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