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  • Author: Frédéric Jolliton <>
  • Version: 0.3
  • License: GPL-2
  • Download: Jumper.jl (upload)

Synopsis Edit

Allow to tag windows explicitly with an ID and allow to jump to such marked windows directly.

Description Edit

Using a set of key bindings, this script allows to mark to current focused window with a particular ID, then to jump to one of these marked window.

For example, you can focus one of your browser windows then hit H-A-0 (default bindings, but this can be changed) to mark it with ID 0. Later you can jump back to it with just H-0.

NOTE: The marks are not persistent when sawfish exit.

NOTE 2: This is my first Sawfish script. I will appreciate any comments to enhance it.

Installation Edit

Install this file in ~/.sawfish/lisp/ as jumper.jl, and add the following lines to your ~/.sawfishrc file:

(load "jumper")

Configuration Edit

You can either let the script defines a set of key bindings and/or define your own from the binding configuration menu. There is one command to set a mark and one command to jump to a mark.

The variable jumper-bind-keys specify if the default key bindings must be configured or not. If set to true then the variables jumper-jump-modifier, jumper-mark-modifier and jumper-keys can be updated to specify how the key bindings are set. (This require to restart sawfish.)

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