Description Edit

Gradient code copied from the Sawfish "gradient" theme. The rest of it, more or less like STPshiny or QN-X11.

You can customize the colours of the titlebar, as well as the colours of the title text, and its alignment.

There is a custom shade button, and resize button on the bottom right corner. Drag the corner to resize the window, and double-click to maximize. The decorations used for the resize control are also customizable.

I've included a bunch of extra button images so you can feel free to change them around, or add custom buttons of your own (instead of the close/min/shade ones I have on by default). To make more buttons, start with "blank.png" and then draw on top of it. Then change the brightness and contrast accordingly: For the clicked version: brightness -100, contrast -50. For the off version: brightness +100, contrast -50. Just to keep them consistent with what I've provided.

Cheers, I hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome.

Screenshots Edit


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