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Synopsis Edit

Turns Sawfish into a speaking window manager.

Description Edit

This script turns Sawfish into a speaking window manager when combined with the Festival Speech Synthesis System.

Installation Edit

  1. Install the Festival Speech Synthesis System.
  2. Save festival.jl in your load-path.
  3. Add this to your ~/.sawfishrc:
    (require 'festival)

Configuration Edit

To make festival read the name of a workspace when you change to it issue:

(festival-say-workspace-on-change t)

To get Sawfish to waffle on about windows when you change focus use:

(festival-say-window-on-focus t)

You can turn the speech off at any time (probably within the first 30 seconds of use <g>) with:


Note that festival-open and festival-close are interactive functions (i.e. commands) so you can bind them to a key.

The function festival-say can be used to pass any text to festival so feel free to add more speech abilities to your Sawfish environment.

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