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Documentation quick access

Doc wiki pages are poor. Sorry. You can ask at mailing list.

This page should contain documentation for Sawfish users: How to install Sawfish, configure it using the Sawfish Configurator and related topics.

Sawfish User Guide Edit

The Sawfish User Guide gives you a first start on how to use and configure your Sawfish window manager.

sawfishrc example Edit

Christopher Bratusek's ~/.sawfish/rc is available here. (Search for "sawfishrc" inside of the page.) - 05:15, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

Third-party software Edit

A list of third-party software to use with Sawfish: Panels, taskbars, quick-launchers, desktops ...

Help needed Edit

Currently sawfish document needs improvements. If you are interested, see General todos#documentation.

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