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Description Edit

This theme is due to the efforts of the following people:

  • Apple Computer Corporation for designing the Aqua GUI. Most likely all images are copyright Apple Computer 2000.
  • The author of the Marathon theme.
  • Tigert for his AquaOS theme, based on the Marathon theme.
  • The author of the AquaOS2 theme, based on the AquaOS theme.
  • Manuel McLure <mmclure at sac dot> for his Aqua2 theme, based on the AquaOS2 theme.
  • Justin Hahn <jeh at isomorphic dot net> who based this theme on Aqua2.

The following changes distinguish this theme from other MacOS X themes:

  • Cleaner frame parts: no part is dual purpose (i.e. button pieces don't include corners, etc.)
  • Proper button order, function, and mouse overs with respect to MacOS X.

Recent Changes:

  • Minor clean ups
  • Added clicked button stats donated by chrisw at globes dot net
  • Added shaded and shaded-transient window states

Now known to work with 0.30.3

Screenshots Edit


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