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  • Author: Rafal Strzalinski <>
  • Maintainer: Tristan Huang <tristan.j.huang AT gmail DOT com>
  • Download: animate-move.jl

Synopsis Edit

Smoothly slide windows across the screen.

Description Edit

Some functions to asynchronous animated moving windows.

Configuration Edit

Add this to your ~/.sawfishrc:

(bind-keys window-keymap
          "H-x" 'toggle-window-shaded
          "H-z" 'iconify-window
          "H-c" 'animate-center-window
          "H-C" 'center-window
          "H-k" 'delete-window
          "H-r" 'rotate-move)

Add this to your modmap to work windows-logo-key as Hyper:

 keycode 115 = Hyper_L
 keycode 116 = Hyper_R
 clear MOD3
 add mod3 = Hyper_L  Hyper_R

With this Windows-logo-keys become more usable.

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