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  • Author: Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert at gimp dot org>
  • Download: AmigaOS4.tar.gz

Description Edit

.-------( AMIGAOS4 / Thu Jan 20 2000 )-- -- - -  - 
|   This is a theme I modelled after a        
|   screenshot / mockup / whatever of         
|   "AmigaOS 4" that I found somewhere.       
|   I once did a fvwm2 theme of this, and     
|   I wanted to test out GimpMill and gave    
|   this a rebirth on SawMill. Enjoy.         
|   Created by Tuomas Kuosmanen               
|                       <tigert at gimp dot org>      
`--------------------------- ---- --- - -  -

Screenshots Edit


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