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Sawfish 1.9.1 (Codename "Voyager") is available for download now.


Have Fun,
Chris (Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] (talk) 20:05, September 6, 2012 (UTC))

1.9.1 "Voyager"

   * Bug Fixes
        - `dimension' window-matcher does now properly restore the
          window's size [Robert Zenz]

        - When destroying a window marked for tabbing, before tabbing
          was done, tabbing didn't work anymore until Sawfish
          restarted. This is fixed now. [fuchur]

        - In `' source `$(repexecdir)/' as first, so
          that `--prefix' and co. from `configure' won't get
          overwritten. [Allin Cottrell]

        - In `tabs' some minor issues have been fixed, like correct
          `raise' or `sticky' tabs, and some issue with `move-resize'
          tabs. [fuchur]

        - Only allow '_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_NORMAL to be marked as a
          tabbed window. [fuchur]

   * New Features
        - In tabbed-windowing it is now possible to add a whole
          tab-group to another tab-group, or a single window. By
          default the keybinding is `C-Button2-Off'. [fuchur]

        - Tabs now support `viewport-sticky' and `workspace-sticky'.

        - Tabs now support coloring the window-title in a different
          color, for windows, which are marked for tabbing. Currently
          only `StyleTab' uses this feature. [fuchur]

   * Miscellaneous Changes
        - In razor-qt integration module add `About Razor-Qt' help
          entry [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Replace `gdk_pixbuf_unref' by `g_object_unref' [Togan

        - Fix the address of FSF in all relevant files [Togan Muftuoglu]

        - Change cursor shape when working with tabs [fuchur]

        - Removed `sawfish.wm.util.marks', now implemented in
          `'. [fuchur]

        - Fix debian packaging scripts for Debian/Unstable, update
          install-sh to 2011-01-19.21, also remove NEWS and
          upon `make gitclean'.[Christopher Bratusek]

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