2011 08 28: librep 0.92.1b

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a brand-new release of librep fresh from the oven.




    * Fixed a bug in librep.pc

   * Fixed building REP on OS-X 10.6 by not exporting librepm.sym via
     libtool [John Harper]

   * Fixed building REP on OS-X 10.7 by defining a proper ALIGN if
     ffi.h doesn't provide one [John Harper]

   * Fixed detection of FFI, if ffi.h isn't found [John Harper]

   * Added various missing symbols in librep.sym [John Harper]

   * Fixed a warning from configure regarding librep.pc [Christopher

   * Removed VPATH from Makefiles, to allow building REP using `makepp'
     [Daniel Pfeiffer]

   * Added `positon' meta-function [Jeremy Hankins] [Eli Barzilay]

   * Imported utility-functions from Sawfish: `beautify-symbol',
     `remove-newlines', `option-index' and `string->symbol'.

Have Fun Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] 13:07, September 18, 2011 (UTC)

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