2011 06 13: New Maling-List in use!

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Good morning folks,

As of today we use the new Maling-List @Tuxfamily, instead of the one @GNOME. Of course the old-one is still alive and it's archive will stay accessible. The old ML will be closed for posting in about 1 or 2 weeks. It's the second-last step of moving the whole Sawfish workflow into one place (BugZilla is the last, in case you wondered).

Here are the instructions for use:

Auto-Subscription: everyone who was on the GNOME-ML in April, is already subscribed to the new ML (and should have received a message).

Subscribing: New users subscribe via sending a mail with subject "subscribe" to sawfish-request-[AT]-lists-[DOT]-tuxfamily-[DOT]-org

Posting: After you subscribed send your Mails to sawfish-[AT]-lists-[DOT]-tuxfamily-[DOT]-org // Note that all messages on the new ML get `[Sawfish]' prefixed. Say you send a mail with subject `test mail to new ml', we will receive `[Sawfish] test mail to new ml'. So if you've setup your mail-application to prefix the mails, you can now deactivate that.

Unsubscribing: To unsubscribe send a mail with subject "unsubscribe" to sawfish-request-[AT]-lists-[DOT]-tuxfamily-[DOT]-org

Archive: Visit the archive here. At the moment there's no way downloading the Archive as Tarball. The TF-Staff may provide them on demand, but I already ask for that feature to be added.

Additional infos about using TF can be found here.

On I have privilege 5 (everything), Janek has 4 (everything, except destroying the project). In case there's something wrong, while I'm off, you may contact him instead.

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