2009 11 12: sawfish 1.5.3 released

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The last bugfix release of the 1.5 series is available for download now!

Get it from the usual place:



   * The 1.5.3 release has backports from 1.6.0 (HEAD)

   * Bugs fixed:
        - Prevents crashes for quick window destructions, especially
          under high load

          There have been crashes if a window is destroyed soon after
          its creation.  It happens in `add_window' function, and it
          might be due to a window being destroyed, garbage collected
          and then accessed.

          Now most parts of `add_window' are protected from garbage
          collection with `rep_PUSHGC' / `rep_POPGC'. It also prevents
          `add_window_hook' from being called with uninitialised
          argument.  [Timo Korvola, Janek Kozicki]

Sawfish 1.6.0 will hit the floor on 22nd December 2009, be sure to watch out for any bombastic release of ours!

Have Fun,


Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] 20:12, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

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