2009 11 12: librep 0.90.3 released

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the fourth release of the 0.90 series of librep is just available for download!

Thanks to Kim B. Heino, Vincent Untz and the Debian manpage-writers for this release.

Get it from the usual place:


   * Added `file-executable-p' function

   * Improved spec-file [Kim B. Heino]

   * Improved ebuild [Fuchur, Christopher Bratusek]

   * Fallback check for ffi, if there's no libffi.pc [Vincent Untz]

   * Removed rep-config script (use librep.pc instead)

   * Added man-pages for `rep', `repdoc', `rep-remote' and
     `rep-xgettext' [Debian]

   * Added debian packaging scripts based on the official ones

Of course, debian binaries for i386 and sources are available from my repo.

Have Fun,


Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] 19:42, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

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