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The long awaited 1.5.0 release of sawfish is finally available!

I've never thought of sawfish 1.5.0 beeing released before e17, two years ago. Thanks to John, Janek, the Sawfish-Crew, all Contributors and Users, Mandriva/Gentoo/Debian/ALT/Arch which did not drop sawfish and provide fresh packages.

It's brings one incompatibility compared to 1.3x: ~/.sawmillrc is no longer a valid configurationfile, if you still use that file, simply rename it to either ~/.sawfishrc or ~/.sawfish/rc, and you're done.

Translation bug Edit

Important: the configurator GUI is broken for non-english letters (or non-ascii is more correct?).

Sawfish core members are sorry for it, and it will be fixed in 1.6.

Some additonal notes:Edit

for compiling with XFree86 or X.Org 6.x instead of X.Org 7.x, add the following flag to configure:


for compiling with Imlib1 as image-loader instead of gdk-pixbuf-xlib (which works again), add:


for not installing translations, add:


or (deprecated, since ="no" would install norwegian translation instead of nothing)

--enable-linguas=" "

to compile without pango, add:


(by default, X.Org 7, gdk-pixbuf-xlib, nls and pango are enabled)

The Overview of changesEdit


   * The 1.5.0 release has new features and bugfixes

   * New/Updated requirements:
        - librep 0.17 -> 0.90.0

        - rep-gtk 0.18.3 -> 0.18.4

   * User visible changes:
        - Fully renamed from "sawmill" to "sawfish"

          If your `.sawfishrc' has a line `(require 'sawmill-defaults)',
          then change it to `(require 'sawfish-defaults)'.

          If your configuration file is named `~/.sawmillrc', then
          rename it to `~/.sawfish/rc' or `~/.sawfishrc'.

        - Configurator GUI's default style is tree view of categories.

          Configurator GUI (sawfish-ui) used to display categories in
          flat row, but now arranges them in tree diagram.

          To use the old style, put `(define-special-variable
          customize-program "sawfish-ui --flatten")' in your
          configuration file.

   * Bugs fixed:
        - Fixed an compilation-error caused by glib [Michal Jaegermann]

        - Make building with imlib1 instead of gdk-pixbuf work again
          [Michal Jaegermann]

        - Create src/build.h, since it has been missing before
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed an "unknown remote error" that might appear [Alexey I.

        - Make "make uninstall" work again [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed the issue that apps did not start iconified, even if
          requested [Ian Zimmerman, Teika Kazura]

        - First create $datadir/applications, then install the desktop
          file [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed default animation outline coordinates [Christopher

        - Don't ignore datarootdir setting [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Make Sawfish more error-tolerant if an app has an icomplete
          WM_CLASS [Martin Mares]

        - Make sure we don't mix Super and Hyper [Denis Barbier]

        - Fixup the last incomplete AC_DEFINE [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed a speed-issue with microGUI [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Make properly use of WM_NAME in Elberg-tabbed [Christopher

   * New features:
        - UTF-8 Support in Windowmenus [Wang Diancheng]

        - UTF-8 Support in GTK Widgets [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Tabbed Windowing Support [Yann Hodique, Scott Scriven, Nathan
          Froyd, Christopher Bratusek]

        - Improved KDE3 Integration [Timo Korvola]

        - Replaced hardcoded focus logic by focus-revert function [Timo

        - Tabbed Windowing Support: Raise Tabs on hover [Christopher

        - Warp cursor to cycled windows, if warp-cursor is enabled
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Warp cursor to unmaximied windows, if warp-cursor is enabled
          [Fernando Carmona Varo]

        - 3 New Window-Animators: cross, elliptical and draft
          [Christopher Bratusek, Teika Kazura[draft fixups]]

        - Shrinking/Yanking Support [Timo Korvola]

        - Infinite Desktop Feature (make the virtual desktop bigger
          than the physical) [David T. McWherter]

        - Make Viewport commands appear in Sawfish-UI [Christopher

        - Make Window History appear in Sawfish-UI [Christopher

        - Added cycle-among-groups(,-backwards) commands (cycle between
          the most recently used window of groups) [Fernando Carmano

        - Interactive placement-mode now also for transients
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Improved prompt.jl (allows changing font, fg and bg color)
          [Sergey I. Sharybi]

        - Expose fixed-position, never-iconify, never-maximize in the
          Window-Matcher UI [Christopher Bratusek]

   * Other changes:
        - To build with XFree86/X.Org < 7.0 add -without-xorg-x11r7
          flag [Christopher Bratusek]

        - To build without Pango add -without-pango flag [Christopher

        - To prevent installing translations add -without-nls flag
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Set RestartStyleHint to 2 [Christian Marillat]

        - When matching window to alist try WM_NAME if WM_CLASS is
          unset [Christian Marillat]

        - Major Documentation update [Derek Upham, Teika Kazura]

        - New Sound Theme [glh Pimenta]

        - Added ebuild [Harald van Dijk]

        - Added session desktop file [Christopher Bratusek]

        - rep.m4 has been dropped use librep.pc/rep-gtk.pc instead
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Added sawfish.pc [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Improved Makefile's distclean rule [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Updated .desktop files for gnome-session >=2.23 [Christopher

        - Fixed autogen for libtool >2.2 [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Major configure script rework [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Don't ship config.sub config.guess and install-sh in
          $srcdir/etc [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Reworked Sawfish-UI [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Dropped libgnome|gnomeui|gnomecanvas widgets, use pure gtk
          instead [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Merged changes from sawfish-pager [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Major update of the spec file [Christopher Bratusek, Michal
          Jaegermann, Ritz]

        - Print usefull stuff at the end of configure [Christopher

        - Add distclean rule to all Makefiles [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add KEYBINDINGS file, containing a list of all default
          keybindings [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Updated OPTIONS for all new options [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Cleaned Up [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Move 'avoid' window-matcher from placement to state [Teika

        - Updated compat.jl [Teika Kazura]

        - Removed all old ChangeLog files [Christohper Bratusek]

        - Make move-cursor.jl export all functions described in the doc
          [Christopher Bratusek]


Get it from the usual place:

Have a lot of fun and stay tuned!

Tab usage Edit

Tab usage is described here.

We don't release 1.4 Edit

For historical reason, we don't release sawfish-1.4. The previous series was 1.3.x, and now we release 1.5.

- Flashrider [Christopher Bratusek] 14:03, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

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