2009 06 19: rep-gtk 0.18.6 released

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a new minor bugfix release of rep-gtk is available. It's the last release of 0.18x series, in trunk the development of rep-gtk 0.90.0 will happen the next weeks/months. The goal is to update the rep-gtk API to gtk+ 2.12, which will give us the opportunity to replace the GtkTree and the GtkCombos in sawfish-ui by GtkTreeView and GtkComboBoxes in sawfish-1.6.0 (I know, already speaking of 1.6 prior to 1.5 to be released).

Enough future plans. Now the (mini-)ChangeLog:


       	- fixup %files section in .spec
        - add --libdir=%{_libdir} to configure flags in .spec
        - require gtk2 instead of gtk+ in .spec

Get it from the usual place:

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