2008 02 05: Bugfix release 1.3.3 in two weeks

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sawfish 1.3.3, soonEdit

Due to several problems with release 1.3.2 a new bugfix release will be made around 17 february. Two patches, Utf 8 names fix and Titlebar updates shall supposedly fix problems reported at:

This is a bugfix release so patches which add new functionality are unlikely to be added here. However I'm still encouraging you to do the usual patch testing:

  1. pick a particular patch and test it in your sawfish, by applying it to your sawfish installation and checking how it works.
  2. edit the patch page and put there either {{yes}}, {{no}} or {{wtf}}, with a small comment how well/bad it performs.

sawfish-pager 0.7, soonEdit

In related news, I have contacted the sawfish-pager autor, Daniel Pfeiffer, and he was glad to hear that we want to make a new release with few bugfixes. So from now on sawfish-pager will be hosted on our wiki site, and expect a 0.7 release soon, most likely altogether with sawfish 1.3.3 release.

Janek Kozicki 20:00, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

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